Hope everyone has had a lovely Friday evening!

I’m in early tonight so I won’t oversleep for my little cousin’s retreat tomorrow–

I’m her confirmation sponsor and I’m very excited! Her mama was mine back in the day, so life has come full circle.

I was really happy with how my Fancie Friday turned out — my outfit was perfect for the weather!

For those who are new to this blog — I enacted Fancie Friday so I would stop wearing sweatpants/jeans every day. Since, as a live-in nanny, I never have a need to dress up for anything…which can be very de-motivational for the other parts of my life. It’s been really fun!


Dress/Belt: Forever 21, Cardigan: Heritage 1981, Boots: Famous Footwear



I even got to go out on a date with my outfit on — Micah and I went to see Act of Valor tonight.

I’m sure he was upset that he didn’t get to see it with his friends weeks ago, especially since I kept asking him questions the entire time. I like to keep him on his toes.

Speaking of keeping him on his toes — I accidentally made him go on a date with me to Bread&Cup the other night.

It’s a long story.

But the point is we had fun:


And quite delicious too!

I’ll leave you with the standard Fancie photo and a few of mine and the girls dance sesh the other day:Image





2 thoughts on “Fa-fa-faaaancie!

    • Thanks! We’ll have to do another photo shoot sometime this summer–I found the CD of photos I made for you guys after our last one hidden in the basement bookshelf, I’m sure Ruthie had something to do with that!

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