Say Yes to the Dress!

Hello all you beautiful people!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend!

I was quite busy myself, although out of sorts because the girlies were out of town–I missed them!

This Saturday, as I mentioned in my last post, I went to a retreat for my cousin Emma’s confirmation. I’m her sponsor so we spent the day together doing crafts and playing Catholic Jeopardy. Which, by the way, we dominated — just goes to show what 12 years of Catholic education will get ya!

That’s right, first place in Catholic Jeopardy.

(Not to mention a great education:))

Anyways, Sunday was an exciting day because I went PROM DRESS shopping with my little sister, Emily.

It’s her SENIOR PROM this year so it’s most important to get the most beautiful and unique dress of all the dresses!

I personally got mine the day before for $60 bucks at Dillards:

how precious are we? 😛

But Emily is bound and determined to spend lots more money than that.

We spent the day looking all around vintage shops downtown since that’s the most obvious spot for unique dresses.

*Queue fun music for an exciting montage of trying on dresses*

Ruby Begonia’s:

Straight up gma.

Then we moved on to some more expensive dresses at Ellyne Bridal:

Fun times.

She hasn’t been able to figure out which one to buy yet.

Which is your favorite???

After a long day of shopping, it was nice to get the family together for a dinner outside on a beautiful evening.

There is really nothing better than eating in the great outdoors.

Surprise picture!

Gorgeous weekend.

Relaxing Spring Break.

Unfortunately, it’s back to school again.


Wish me luck!




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