Hello all.

A couple photos from my most recent of storm chases.

Actually my first one of the season–and it was somewhat if not completely unintentional.

I suppose I should provide some backstory for chasing in the first place:

You see, my brother is a meteorology major and in the past few years he and his friends have caught the storm chasing bug.

However our love of storms/mother nature goes back much further than a few years.

We’ve always been a family to sit out on the porch when it storms–

we’ve got a phenomenal view to see them develop and pass through:

Watching the storm pass

Even the kitties watch the show!


So as my brother’s interest in chasing and meteorology progressed, so has my passion for photography.

They were bound to eventually collide.

As a result: I have a great appreciation for the both the physical and technical side of mother nature, and Billy has developed a great interest and passion for photography.

We’ve been anxiously awaiting storm season this year, and he’s been keeping me updated as to what the forecast is looking like. Thursday was looking good for storms all week. Unfortunately, Billy was working when the clouds started forming today so I was on my own for my poofy cloud photos.

I texted Billy to tell him that I thought I may have missed the poofy clouds and to see if there were going to be any more–to which he replied: “go east on hwy 2”

I fought him on it for a bit, but eventually I started driving with the promise of beautiful poofy clouds to photograph as my reward.

Little did I know, Billy was directing me not necessarily towards poofy clouds…but to a storm capable of producing a tornado–all by myself!

By the time I figured this out, I had already gotten to Syracuse.

Which seems really far, but isn’t really when you consider how far storm chasers go to catch a good storm. They’ll drive all over the midwest for the chance at a big one.

But I figured, I had gone all that way, I might as well just keep going and see what I can find.

Unfortunately, I was behind the cell and never could quite catch up with it. So I didn’t end up getting any SUPER amazing shots, which are all I really care to get anyways so I’m not going to put any on here today.

Fortunately, I stayed on the back country roads and saw lots of AWESOME scenery. I don’t think there’s much better surroundings than a country road in the springtime. Everything was so fresh and green because it had just rained. And it seemed like I was the only person out there.

So, basically, the whole thing was an ordeal–I had only planned on sitting in my parents driveway and shooting some poofy cloud photos, and ended up chasing a severe storm all the way to Nebraska City, all by my lonesome.

Oh, also I did find the house I plan on living in someday, but felt like a huge creeper taking a photo of it because there were people outside. I didn’t know how I would explain to them that I was taking a photo because I planned on living in their house someday. It’s just an awkward thing to say to someone. Even though it’s true.

Anyways, here’s a couple from tonight:

Hopefully some good storms will start soon — I’ll definitely make that a big part of my blog. It’s one of my favorite types of photography!

Goodnight all–I just finished up my editing and am headed to bed. Got to be up and ready for good old fancy friday tomorrow, er, today I mean 🙂




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