Thrifty Weekend!

Hello lovelies,

As I mentioned in my last post, my brother’s girlfriend Katie and I went to the Mother of All Garage Sales this weekend.

It was a blast!

We had a great time going through piles of old costume jewelry and vintage dresses.

Unfortunatly, we didn’t know that we got there about 2 hours before it closed so we had to do some SUPER quick shopping towards the end–but it worked out because we scored some great deals since people were looking to get rid of their stuff!

Here’s just some things that caught my eye:

I've always wanted a collection of old cameras, but I don't have any space to put them anywhere, so I will only have to look until I have a house someday.

Thought about buying these for the little skunkies.

cool rocker

haha-love this kitty brooch.

Unfortunatly, this is the best out of the 3 photos we took--my camera is quite difficult to use for those who haven't before.

Most of what I bought (a few necklaces not shown) all for $15!

I ended up with:

A step-stool (to repurpose for photo shoots)

An awesome yellow tablecloth

4 necklaces and a ring

And an old book that I got for Micah–it was published in 1900!


All in all, totally worth it!

I’ll leave you with a few random photos from my weekend:

I promise I’ll try to do some more exciting posts this week!

Have a great Monday.




One thought on “Thrifty Weekend!

  1. Oh, what fantastic finds!! I should just go garage sailing in my parents’ house…there is a lot of cool stuff hidden here, beneath the chaos. I will show you the cool spice container collection.

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