the dress


I ended up not wearing my dress friday on account of the furious wind.

Rule #1 for dress wearing – don’t wear dresses when it’s windy!

And if you do, always have volleyball shorts on underneath.

Tank: American Eagle, Pants: PacSun, Shoes: Steve Madden, Sunglasses: Target

Loved this outfit–and yes! I did wear those shoes!

On a somewhat related note, it’s amazing the amount of movement required for normal to tall sized people to sit down onto a chair – us shawties barely move and we’re there….being tall is kind of scary.


And now,

Drum roll…



She ended up going with this dress…I don’t really know what color to describe it as except maybe champagne??

Quite lovely, though.

We did a quick photo shoot yesterday of her and her friends, Leah and Sara all in their prom dresses.

Good thing too, because rumor has it prom might get cancelled on account of this!

A bunch of tornados ripping through the midwest!

Hopefully everyone will be safe and these beautiful girls will be able to attend their Senior Prom!

And of course, we snapped a few pics with the girls back home before they went to bed:

These girls are starting to get pretty heavy, I’m going to have to start lifting some weights to keep up!

Thanks for stopping by!

Have a safe weekend!




2 thoughts on “the dress

  1. Yes, I love everything about the country! It’s been difficult living in the city and not being able to see the sunset every night. Glad my parents still live out here so I can still enjoy it 🙂

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