Gettin’ Fit!

Busy is the word for what I’ve been lately.

This week is dead week at school, and I’m also currently enrolled in two separate photoshop classes because I’m basically useless in that area of life.


Emily and I have started a 30 day fitness challenge!

We are running a mile (at least) and doing one of my Pure Barre DVDs every day for 30 days.

For those that don’t know, Pure Barre is a workout that targets muscles with very small movements using a ballet bar. Basically you use your own body weight to build muscle. This was what I did when I lived in California–I was the receptionist of the studio for the woman whose kid’s I nannied while they were in school.

That’s always a confusing sentence to put together.

Anyways, before Micah came home from Iraq I did the workout pretty much every day for 2 months, and let me tell you, I was  toned! We even had Micah take a class when he got back–definitely a workout aimed towards women, but he did a great job!

I’m very aware that I don’t really have any fat to lose, so the purpose of this is just to build some muscle. I’ll be posting before and after photos at the end of the challenge, but hope to continue working out even after our challenge is over. It’s just nice having this blog because it’s keeping me in check and I can’t make excuses not to do it.

I will say after only Day 2 of our challenge — running with Emily has already gotten extremely annoying. We’re the same height, but her height is in her legs and mine is in my torso, so her stride is about twice mine and I have no desire to be at a sprinting pace the entire time. Needless to say, running together be short lived as I’ve learned I prefer running alone.

On the nanny front, we have been doing well!

Miss Vivian turned 18 months last week and still has yet to start talking, the little stinker.

She knows what we’re saying and can follow directions well, she is just being stubborn and won’t talk. So hopefully she’ll start doing that soon.

We took advantage of the beautiful weather yesterday (before it got hot) and went to the zoo! I didn’t bring my camera but I snapped a few photos with my phone:

The zoo blew Ruthie’s mind, but seemed to be quite unimpressive for Vivian. And Francie was a good sleeper for almost the whole trip. We have a membership so I’m sure there will be more zoo visits in our future!

Have a great Wednesday!




One thought on “Gettin’ Fit!

  1. You might like this video, too:
    Classical Pilates Technique: The Complete Mat Workout Series. Nothing gets your body toned like Pilates. I wish I had my video with me! But I’m doing yoga for now at the Y.

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