Once upon a time, in New York City

We’re back!

And we had a GREAT time!

I meant to live-blog the whole trip but it was way too busy for that. So I decided to just do one big post at the end, which I have been avoiding simply because I came home with SO MANY photos that I don’t even know what to do with myself.

I don’t even think I can begin to describe what all we saw and did, so I will let the photos speak for themselves:

The Highline–an old railroad turned park/pathway. Very cool!

Chelsea Market

Hitting up the Brooklyn Flea!

Marcel and I, gettin’ fancy to get dancy!

Times Square


Saint Patrick’s Cathedral!


I’d live on the roof if I moved to NYC.

Empire State Building

Freedom Tower: Just pronounced the tallest building in NYC, soon to be tallest in US.

View from 230-fifth – an awesome rooftop bar with LOTS of heat lamps and robes for you to wear 🙂

I do not have the photoshop skillz to not make us red and yellow

View of the bar from the Empire State Building, the same night we were there (blurry from me being scared of how up high we were)

My $3 hot dog in central park….

Museum of Natural History: aka the only reason Micah wanted to come with me to NYC.

Dino’s in the front lobby, a good indicator for what you’re in for at this place.

“Ahnighito” – Biggest Meteor to hit earth weighing 34 tons. It had supports that went down to the bedrock below the museum to hold it up.

All different kinds of Opals–my birthstone.

A piece of a 1300 year old Sequoia tree – cut down in 1891 by hand. Today it’s illegal to cut them down.

Central Park!

Top: Target, Belt: Forever 21, Pants: PacSun

Micah enjoys his job of taking these sorts of photos.

We had dinner at this cute restaurant called The Pan American. I was digging the color scheme.

Feast your eyes…on a $14 drink.

Apotheke: hidden bar modeled after an apothecary, it’s essentially unmarked and in a sketchy neighborhood.

I had to take a photo of the sink…I realize I’m a freak.

This night was filled with fancy cocktails.

Shake Shack is quite popular….

$23 dollars worth of food right hurr!

Battery Park 9/11 Memorial with the Freedom Tower construction behind.

Cloudy day for Lady Liberty.

My handsome boyfriend wandering around.

If one picture speaks a thousand words, then I think I just wrote a novel.

But if I had to describe NYC in just two words they would be:

Expensive & Awesome

You literally have countless options for something to do, see, or eat on any given night, but your drink is going to cost you!

I LOVE being able to travel and see how people in other places live. It not only broadens my horizons, but it makes me realize how much I appreciate living where I do. Even though Nebraska will never be as big or exciting as NYC, it will always be home. A place that not everyone understands, but those that do, know exactly what I mean when I say it truly is The Good Life.

That being said, I will definitely be hitting the east coast again very soon! We had SUCH a great time are so glad everything worked out so well.

Thanks for stopping by!




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