While I’ve been away.

Hey, Strangers!

My apologies for being MIA for so long–I got several comments from people I saw this weekend that I need to post more often, I promise I will try to do better!

I am currently sitting in my car that is facing backwards in my parents driveway, so I can watch the storm come in and edit at the same time, so as not to miss any good picture opportunities…all the neighbors are giving me strange looks as they drive by. They should really be used to it by now though. I mean, really.

For those of you keeping track, Friday is the end of my 30 day Pure Barre challenge, but I have decided to extend it into next week for two reasons: 1. I’m leaving for Denver on Friday so I won’t have time to take After Photos, and 2. I missed pretty much a week of it when I was in NYC and I feel like I should just make up for it. So get excited, I’ll be done next week!

To dive right into things, I literally had the busiest weekend! I didn’t think life could get busier after school was out….unfortunately, Summer school is already in full swing.

So, with no further ado: A slice of my weekend


Friday Micah and I had the pleasure of visiting a great little restaurant in Friend, Nebraska called The Pour House–they serve wines from all over Nebraska and I had a Living Social deal for a wine tasting and meat and cheese platter!

It’s located in an old opera house and maintains it’s old fashioned charm, which I think is pretty darn cool.

We had SUCH a great time, and it was VERY cool to be able to sample wines from all over Nebraska. This place is really a gem and I highly recommend it–it’s kind of a drive from Lincoln, but if you don’t have anything else going on on a Friday night, it’s a fun and random trip to make! I’m all for fun and random trips!

2. Saturday I had Emily’s and my cousin Dillon’s graduation party, and who doesn’t love a good graduation party? Free food and great company…as well as lots of photos to look at. Sounds like a good time to me!

The girlies showed up and ate Doritos and Watermelon till their heart was content.

I feel like the next few photos provide a good insight and context for what we deal with on a daily basis with those girls:

Tyler, you made the blog!

I was in Sister’s class the first year she started teaching, she’s one of the best people I know! (Hi, Sister!)

I should note that I made that name tag because of several instances of people congratulating me from graduating from high school 😛


Finally, Sunday was the day of her graduation as well as a get together with family and a few more grad parties to attend.

I spy with my little eye…Emily.

Dad has taken up photo-bombing in his retirement.

Nice Purse, Billy.

The Graduates!

Billy and Katie lol-ing at Vivian’s loud toot before I took the picture.

Everyone at our get-together

The best I could get of the solar eclipse from our vantage point–taken through Ellie’s sunglasses.

Standing in a strangers driveway to see the eclipse at Pauly’s grad party.

There have been a lot of ups and downs this week—fortunately more ups than downs!

I feel very blessed to have all these beautiful people in my life, and I am so happy I was able to spend time with them all!

I will seriously start making more time to post more often because I don’t like doing big huge posts like this, so check back every once in awhile…I usually post when I have something new on here on facebook, but I’d like to step back from that a little because I hate bothering people on there.

Hope you all are as excited about the holiday weekend as I am!!



PS–I ended up getting one good photo out of the storm!


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