The Color Run!


I thought I’d post a bunch of photos of my trip to Denver and The Color Run for those who are interested.

We had SUUUUUUCH a great time! Sometimes road trips are just the thing you need to make it feel like it’s really summer.

The run was such a cool concept. They threw colored dust at us at every kilometer of the 5k, and everyone got their own package of dust to throw when they wanted which was a LOT of fun.

My team (we affectionately call ourselves The Motley Crew because of the random-ness of the group) consisted of  me, Micah, Emily, Emily’s friend Leah, and Micah’s friend Seth. We walked the WHOLE way since we were none too concerned about making the fun run difficult. Unfortunately, Seth decided he needed to go to the restroom in the first kilometer of the race, and after a miscommunication about whether we were waiting for him or not, we ended up getting split up with no cell phones to find out where he was. So, we were somewhat forced into cutting under the line and walking the opposite direction of everyone running looking for him. We missed a whole kilometer and the first poof of color, which was orange. Darn it.

Anyways, we survived and had a great time!

Micah and Seth were so excited to go to Casa Bonita — apparently there is an entire episode of South Park dedicated to it…

cliff divers!

driving away from the mountains…

Back to the crazy busy life now–hopefully I can work in more posts this week!

Thanks for stopping by!




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