Summer & Jazz


So much has been going on lately that it’s hard to keep up!

I just shot my first wedding of the summer this past weekend, which was pretty exciting — it’s amazing how well my business is doing, I’m so thankful to have such positive feedback and reactions to my work, it is so very unexpected and I appreciate it so much! I’m currently trying to find a balance between photography, nannying, school, and the rest of life. It’s a challenge!

I figured I’d just do a photo post today–some photos from Ruthie’s 3rd birthday a couple weekends ago, and some photos from when I took all 3 girls to Jazz in June last week with my friend Laura! I am headed there again tonight sans girls so it should be a little less stressful this time 🙂

I gave Viv a present while Ruthie was busy with all of hers–she enjoyed it!

Snack at Jazz in June!

We sat with the Hile Sisters and Ruthie’s friend Jabari!

This is how Ruthie feels about long lines for ice-cream.

Just working on some choreography to go along with all the jazz.

So fun!

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