Give thanks!

Thanksgiving break is upon us!

I have been all kinds of stressed out these past few weeks, for various reasons:

1) 3 huge group projects, several tests, and scattered amounts of papers all due at the same time.

2) I have LOTS of photo editing to finish up so people can get their Christmas cards ordered.

3) Micah has been at a training course so I couldn’t talk to him for 3 weeks, which definitely isn’t the longest we’ve gone not being able to talk to each other, but it’s still a long freakin’ time to not talk to someone.

4) I spent 10 days of my life caring for the girls, by myself, while their parents went on a vacation–I have learned SO MUCH from those 10 days, including a whole new meaning of the word TIRED. Luckily, the girls are the most adorable on the planet, which helps in times of complete physical, mental, and emotional breakdown. Ruthie and Vivian’s hugs were what kept me going, in addition to Francie’s contagiously enormous smiles. I had some help along the way–shout out to those who were there for me, you all know who you are! And mad props to moms who do it alone every day.

To counteract my negative tone I’ve set, and in the spirit of Thanksgiving–here are some GOOD things that happened to me this week:

1) I finally got to talk to Micah again on Friday! He told me I’m certifiably insane for all the voicemails I left him while he was away…if you refer back to my list above and then think about all of that happening while adding in copious amounts of sleep deprivation, a certain amount of “cabin fever” since I had to stay home every night, and just being a girl in general…well you can imagine the broad emotional spectrum that he was lucky enough to listen to for “45 straight minutes”. Think of all the crazy that you can pack into that amount of time. Luckily we’ve been dating for 6 years so he’s technically not allowed to use the excuse that he didn’t know.

2) I had a dental appointment–my first in TWO years. I was absolutely sure that I had a cavity because I saw some dark spots in the grooves of one of my molars–that was the reason I scheduled the appointment in the first place, which took CRAZY amounts of courage to even pick up the phone and call. You see, for some reason, over the past two years I have somehow grown to have an absolutely crippling fear of the dentist. Not that I ever really enjoyed going before, but for some reason, something happened to me to make me into one of those crazy phobia people you see on the Maury show who run away screaming because they’re afraid of a bowl of cotton balls (I also don’t like cotton balls, but that’s another story for another day) After seeing the dark spots and going through all the stages of grief, you know, denial, anger, bargaining, etc…I sat in my bed thinking about what to do and how I could get out of going to the dentist. I googled a lot of stuff. But eventually, I realized that I was just going to have to do it because it was only going to get worse if I left it. I thought so long about what was going to happen when I got my cavity filled that I literally started crying in my room by myself. It was definitely one of my low points. BUT to my complete and absolute delight I was told that I DO NOT have a cavity! Apparently those “professionals” at the orthodontist got cement on my tooth and didn’t clean it off  TEN years ago. Just goes to show you that that orthodontia stuff is some serious shit. In other news, I’m pretty sure my dental hygienist also thinks I’m crazy. That’s what happens when you start your appointment with a tearful speech about how you know they’re probably a really great person, but I’ll probably never like them. And somehow involve a story about your former poodle’s dental problems.

3) I won $425 dollars at the casino off of just $20. That kind of luck never usually happens to me so I was pretty pumped about it. I even tithed it the next day at church. For some reason it felt a little bit like tipping the dealer. Go figure.

4) I found an almost full bottle of peach vodka under my bed while I was looking for some file folders. I immediately thought, “Hey! Peach vodka! Think of all the fruity drinks I can make!” Then I thought, “…does this make me an alcoholic for finding bottles of alcohol under my bed?” and then I realized NO it does not, because it was still full. If I was finding empty bottles of alcohol under my bed it would be a different story. So, that’s a good thing.

5) I had a lovely sister’s night with Micah’s sisters. It’s always fun to have dinner with them and use ungodly amounts of coupons to order excessive amounts of appetizers, alcohol, and desserts so that we can get our money’s worth of the coupon. We may be cheap, but we’re ALWAYS classy.

An older photo, but you get the idea.

6) I ordered Micah’s ticket to come home for Christmas! Woo woo!

Anyways, I just thought I’d make a quick post because I am avoiding doing what I am supposed to be doing, which is study Finance. I’m meeting a tutor tomorrow because my mind doesn’t “process” numbers very well. It dates all the way back to 3rd grade when we started doing long division. Up until then, I was a Math genius. Let’s just say people knew me…for being smart. I could add and subtract like a BOSS. Multiplication and simple division were CAKE. But then along came long division, and my world came crashing down around me. I have a very specific memory of being handed a worksheet and sitting at my desk staring at it, thinking “F this shit, man. I just want to take pictures!”….it probably wasn’t exactly like that, but pretty close because I had just gotten a brand new purple Canon film camera for Christmas and was preeeeetty pumped about it. Fast forward to today, I’m still having the same problems.

C’est la vie.

Oh, and for those who visit the blog for the pictures, here are some from the past few months…most from my phone and a few with my nice cam. Enjoy! And have a lovely and blessed Thanksgiving!


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