Snow Day!

Hey strangers! Long time, no post!

The Holidays, a bad case of the flu, and a trip to North Carolina are what’s been keeping me away–and I DO plan on blogging pictures all of those things (well, not the flu–that wasn’t pretty!) But today I’m just going to post some fun pictures of me and the girls on their snow day! Usually they have daycare on Wednesdays, but instead they had a snow day–so instead of having the day off, I ended up having to work…but it’s hard to call it work when we had so much fun!

Truth be told, the amount of outdoor fun lasted about 15 minutes on account of our little baby Frances taking off her gloves and shoving her hands in the snow, thus deciding it was too cold to stay outside. But we managed to get some fun pictures before the meltdowns got out of control.

I’d like to note that it took us a good 45 minutes to find all of our winter clothes and get everyone dressed. There are very few things in this world more difficult than trying to put gloves on a toddler.

IMG_7683copy IMG_7688copy5 IMG_7696copy IMG_7697 copy IMG_7710 copy1 IMG_7715copy

Pure joy.


Snow Angels!

IMG_7719 copy1 IMG_7720 copy

Love those eyelashes
IMG_7722 copy IMG_7730 copy IMG_7732 copy

Vivian is very maternal–she always tries to make Francie feel better.


Cute Sisters!

IMG_7748 copy

It starts.

IMG_7750 copy

Here comes the snot.

IMG_7753 copy

aaaaand she’s done!

You’ll notice many of the pictures were of Ruth. That’s because Frances was mad the whole time and I could hardly find a moment that Vivian wasn’t bending over eating the snow.

Nice memories, nonetheless!




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