Sisters in the City

A quick trip to Kansas City: in pictures

A little bit of back story: For my birthday, Emily got tickets to go see Lady Gaga at the Sprint Center in KC!

And since my birthday is in October, the planning of this entire event was left until the last second.

When are we leaving? Where are we staying? When will we come back?

After much texting, we decided to leave on Monday morning at 10am.

So naturally we left Monday at 1pm…3 hours late–not too bad!

Emily was brilliant enough to pull an all nighter doing homework the night before and despite that we decided it would be best if she drove the three hours to get there. Somehow, we survived.



Our hotel: The Aladdin! Surprisingly it was not Arabian themed.IMG_8839

We were pleased to discover lime colored walls and chairs.


And we quickly got ready for a very important appointment at H&M in the Plaza.

Emily wearing my chambray shirt.IMG_8871

The Plaza! IMG_8880

You can’t not take a few photos when you see stairs like this!IMG_8910

Despite the beautiful sunset, it was freezing and we didn’t wear coats.IMG_8912

We were so cold that we cranked the heat when we got back,

and started getting ready for the concert!


Pink lightning bolts: CheckIMG_4107

My goal in life is to make an outfit involving leather that’s classy. This is not that outfit.IMG_4137copy

Breaking out all the goofy clothes for Lady Gaga!
CollageAnd then this happened.

Which caused us to turn the thermostat back down again.

It also resulted in us being the last ones to arrive at the concert and pull a Tommy Boy at the front door, thinking it was locked.

Luckily, we were just weak and couldn’t pull the door hard enough.

529801_4399030896758_526398220_nOur seats were a lot further away than last time, but we still had a blast!

Sometimes it’s nice to just be able to sit and eat your nachos without getting knocked over 🙂

Afterwards we booked it back to the hotel and fell asleep!

Emily had been awake for like 30 hours and we had to be up early to come back home.

Random, quick trips are what make life wonderful!

Thanks for stopping by!




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