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Yes, it’s true. After dating for 6.25 years, Micah has finally popped the question!

I am still very shocked by the everything–we have been together so long that it’s strange to think that now our relationship status has now been upgraded to fiancé .

People always ask why we’ve taken so long to get married – why would we wait 6 years to do something that most people do after a year or so together?

We don’t exactly have a real answer to that question, except that when we first started dating we were so young–19 years old and barely out of high school. Looking back on it all makes me realize that we’ve grown up together. We started as kids, and grew into the people we are today.

To be honest, I’m very thankful that we waited as long as we did. Maybe our story isn’t as romantic or as exciting the movies where people fall in love and get married right away…but it’s real. It’s a story of young love that has gone through it all: Good times and bad. Smiles and tears. Anger and Laughter. It has survived even separated by vast oceans and foreign lands. It has fought through times that even we didn’t think it would make it through. It has weathered the storm of Life, and has blossomed into a strong and committed relationship. It has foundation. And if no one wants to make a movie about that, well then, they’re missing out.

77_1005462939680_7233_n 77_1005462979681_5466_n 119_1010305460740_7757_n 119_1010311100881_7994_n 134_1010304820724_3372_n 134_1010305220734_9849_n 190_1013961952150_3754_n 200_1013518501064_7407_n 217_1013961272133_5545_n 271_1028656879514_1322_n 271_1028657919540_7921_n 287_1024001403130_9675_n 287_1024003723188_1665_n 287_1024006523258_1844_n 287_1024013923443_6604_n 287_1024018403555_1891_n 334_1033540361598_6594_n 334_1034976757507_1470_n 334_1034979517576_8341_n 334_1034980197593_2821_n 2667_1051280965102_8034105_n 2667_1051281365112_6877000_n 2743_1075016918486_7318475_n

3012_1089502240610_7356998_n 3012_1089327156233_2585620_n 3012_1089502640620_2813117_n

3012_1089327276236_2740411_n 3172_1095935001425_3992534_n 4225_1106394902916_2067087_n 4225_1106395142922_1026788_n 4225_1106395502931_5925425_n 4225_1106395982943_980870_n 4225_1106396902966_6911779_n 4225_1106397102971_7131776_n 5576_1120894545398_509510_n 5576_1120895865431_6390343_n 6376_1134828013726_4281141_n 6496_1128004203135_2046821_n 9320_1173174132355_3967117_n 9320_1173178252458_2676020_n 10127_1161418798479_6258358_n 10127_1161418958483_4831248_n 10127_1161419198489_5849092_n 24759_1289178312387_2660709_n 30641_1343326746064_2190763_n 30691_1339181642439_3888895_n 34581_1377886810044_3953117_n 34901_1377882209929_555556_n 35095_1377888170078_1919768_n 35235_1378020173378_5186062_n 38209_1377893610214_5577254_n 38278_1378016333282_597989_n 222736_1777595682516_4405235_n 223397_1753538441100_5244587_n 229116_1777603522712_6455613_n 264275_1931373846874_1364298_n 283370_1992253648831_4894905_n 384500_2487683674272_2066046982_n 557226_3525555140410_73627214_n

283283_1989399137470_7604943_n 375597_3525509339265_54929604_n 393147_4210549064830_1181477123_n 399435_3525522579596_631935930_n 484070_3525511499319_519665357_n 582200_3525165690674_964072167_n

IMG_3904 copyIMG_2797 copy

IMG_5810 copy IMG_5785copy1 IMG_5681copy1 IMG_5490 copy IMG_2858 copy2 IMG_2871 copy

IMG_3957 copy IMG_3963 copy IMG_9005copy IMG_9108 copy IMG_9640 copy

IMG_1624 copy IMG_1606 copy1 IMG_1322copy IMG_0620 copy

The Engagement:

IMG_8891 copy

IMG_8909 copy

IMG_8913 copy IMG_8918 copy IMG_8917 copy IMG_8915 copy IMG_8914 copy

The story is simple.

He flew home without me knowing, and proposed on my parent’s doorstep at sunset.

It was perfect.

IMG_0747 copy

IMG_0752copy IMG_0754copy


We are so very excited and thankful for all the well wishes and support!




9 thoughts on “Psssst!

  1. Congratulations!!! I almost cried at my desk! Many Congrats to you and the hard work you have put towards a fulfilling relationship!!

  2. About half way through the photos I realized my face kind of hurt and it was because I had been smiling the ENTIRE time!! So much love!

  3. Congratulations, Monica! Wow, I wish you guys could have been in more photos together…But, seriously, way to go, Micah! What a cool proposal.

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