This is what I get…

…for sleeping all day.

I literally slept nearly the entire day today.


Well, to spare you the details, I don’t recommend eating questionable day-old, cream cheese pizza.

It ended with Ruthie asking me if I threw up in her bed or in mommy’s bed (the two places she frequents for her barfing experiences) and Viv telling me that she “frew up tooooo” (One of her favorite sympathy cards she likes to bring into play on far too regular a basis)

Luckily, the girls had school (daycare) today, so I was able to ask Alisha to take them in so that I could try and get better. And, after finding that I wasn’t quiiiite over the horrible bug for parts of the morning, I found myself feeling lethargic and sleeping through the rest of the day…until around 10pm.

Now, here I sit, after roughly 21 hours of sleep–feeling much better (albeit a little shaky and eating stacks of saltines), but unable to fall back asleep.

So I figured I’d post a few of the photos that me and my friend Kaylie took a few weeks back when we went searching for some photo locations!

Nothing like a story about barf to lead into some fun adventure photos!

I’m sorry if I’ve offended anyone with the details of my sickness–in the last 3 years working as a nanny for babies, my meter for gauging what amount of details that are socially acceptable to share has been completely thrown off, as nothing really phases me anymore.

IMG_9067 copy






IMG_9238 copy


Hope you enjoyed!

Now to decide whether I should use this time to get stuff done and be tired tomorrow, or attempt to fall back asleep.




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