Save. The. Date.

Drumroll, please…..

The official day of our wedding will be:


(Invitation to follow for invited guests)

Yes, it is a VERY short engagement.

One of the many pitfalls of a military engagement is that you have no idea when you’ll be able to come home to get married, or if, hey, you’ll be deployed next year at this time.

We figured Micah would be about 95% sure he could be home over 4th of July weekend to get married, and those were our best odds–so we went with it!

The downside to such a quick engagement is that we are quite limited in locations and vendors, but we are making it work and are happy with how things are turning out so far!

So excited to share our special day with our loved ones!



PS–A VERY special thanks to my friend Hannah at HowTall Designs for putting together this Save the Date. She and my friend Kaylie, with Mellema Photography & Design, have both kindly accepted my request to be my official “Wedding Graphic Designers”. They are amazingly talented–check them out!

Another shout out to my sister, Emily, who took this photo and many others last summer, as I yelled directions at her from a distance. Thank you.


3 thoughts on “Save. The. Date.

  1. Congratulations Monica! One of the benefits of a short engagement is that you’ll devote less time to planning stress and more time to marital bliss. 😉


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